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stage ape The Ape FOLLOWSPOT-575... stage ape
Followspot with SUPER BRIGHT HMI-575 Bulb...

Comes with a stand that can go up to 6 feet high. Manually change through 4 dichroic colors (red, blue, green, yellow) plus open.
On top, a lever controls the aperture and a black out lever on the side. The lens on the front is 3.5 inches and can be adjust for a soft or hard edge. Cooling fans on the top and bottom of the light, and a power switch on the back. At 30 feet away the light projects a 10 foot round circle. 800 watt power consumption. Includes: 15 amp long fuse. Mounting bracket to attach to the stand.

Unit size 21" x 10" x 11" and weighs 26.5 Lbs.
stage ape **SOLD PRIOR TO SEPTEMBER 2010** stage ape

Instructions for operation:

Set the followspot on the stand and secure before connecting to power.
Plug the power cord in and turn on the power switch. The bulb will take a few minutes to reach full brightness.

Lever on top is aperture. Lever on right side is black out (but bulb stays on).
Manual color wheel selection on bottom (you actually turn the dichroic wheel with your finger). Dichroic color wheel with red, blue, green, yellow, white.

**The color wheel gets very hot (because it is directly in front of a very hot bulb). You will need to wear gloves or a finger tip protector when turning the color wheel.**

Power switch on back. Comes with bulb and mounting bracket to attach to tripod. Followspot housing is 21" x 10" x 8"   26.4lbs


Includes black power cord. CORD


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